The book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will have special editions with four new covers representing the Hogwarts Houses. The books, that will be released only in British English by the publisher Editora Bloomsbury, will hit the stores on January 23, 2020.

The cover art is signed by Levi Pinfold, who also worked in the editions of The Philosopher’s Stone, The Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban. All covers have the Goblet of Fire in the center and also a beetle, which represents the Animagus of the journalist Rita Skeeter, from The Daily Prophet. However, the surround of the Goblet of Fire is different in each cover.

In the paperback books, the color of the houses prevails in the art covers. In the hardcover, on the other hand, black is predominant. Check out below:

Paperback editions (Image: Bloomsbury/Disclosure)
Hardcover edition (Image: Bloomsbury/Disclosure)


On the Gryffindor cover, there are three elements that refer to the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. At the top, on the left, are fireworks launched at the Gryffindor Common Room after Harry completed the first task. Below the Goblet of Fire, is Harry on his Firebolt, about to reach the golden egg. Finally, at the right corner is the dragon that Harry faces at the task, the Hungarian Horntail. Besides that, at the superior part, there is an illustration of the moment that the head of Sirius Black appears at the fireplace of the Gryffindor’s Common Room. On the bottom, on the right corner, is Alastor Moody’s magical eye.

(Image: Bloomsbury/Disclosure)


On the Slytherin cover, there are two elements that refer to the Durmstrang Institute, since the students sat at the Slytherin table during their stay in Hogwarts. At the bottom part is the champion Viktor Krum, alongside the school ship, at right. At the top part is Tom Riddle’s grave, to where Harry and Cedric are transported after touching The Triwizard Cup. On the left, there is an illustration of the giant squid that lives in the Hogwarts lake. The animal represents water, which is Slytherin’s element.

(Image: Bloomsbury/Disclosure)


The surround on the Hufflepuff cover shows the labyrinth from the tournament’s third task. At the bottom part is the house champion, Cedric Diggory, on his way to the labyrinth. At the top part is the Triwizard Cup. Besides that, at the bottom left, there’s a Niffler, creature related to earth, the element that represents Hufflepuff.

(Image: Bloomsbury/Disclosure)


On the Ravenclaw cover, there are two elements that make reference to Beauxbatons. The students of the French school sat at the Ravenclaw table during their stay in Hogwarts. At the bottom part is the school champion, Fleur Delacour, followed by the school carriage at left. Scattered all over the cover, are the winged horses that pull the carriage. Besides the reference to the French school, these creatures are related to air, the element that represents Ravenclaw. At the top, is the wand master Ollivanders, who belonged to Ravenclaw, examining the four wands from the champions before the beginning of the tournament.

(Image: Bloomsbury/Disclosure)
All Harry Potter books will be released with Hogwarts houses-themed covers. However, the release dates for the other volumes have not been revealed yet.

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Translated into English by Paola Galiano
Edited by Aline Michel