Twenty Twenty, a Warner Brothers international television production company, is looking for Harry Potter fans to be on the first web series about The Wizarding World of J.K. Rowling. Sorted – how the series is called – will portray the connection of the fans with their respective Hogwarts house through detailed interviews.

According to Twenty Twenty, the videos will also bring stories of friends and experiences that happened among the fans.

For a chance to participate the fans need to fill up a digital form with their personal information and details about their connection with J.K Rowling’s stories, such as how you got to know the Harry Potter series, how you found out what house you belong to and what personality traits from your house you relate to the most. The form is available on this website.

The fans selected to take part in Sorted need to be available at the end of August 2019 in the UK for shooting.

The releasing details on the documentary were not revealed yet, but the application form revealed that the information will be shared on o Wizarding World Digital, the new Wizarding World website. There is a possibility that Sorted will be included in the website catalog, but so far no official note was released.

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Translated into English by Beatriz Biasoto
Edited by Aline Michel