Pottermore stated that the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will not be adapted for the big screens. The announcement was made on Twitter on Wednesday (6) afternoon, after some websites shared the rumor.

The whisper started when the signs on the theaters where the production is presented went through changes. Before, the logo of the play was written in a basic typeface. Now, the theaters got signs with the same typeface used on posters from the Warner Bros. films.

(Photos: Twitter/Reproduction)

On the same Tweet, Pottermore said that a novelty related to the production of New York will be announced soon. After that, the author, J. K. Rowling published on Twitter the image of Voldemort’s Dark Mark created for the theaters, which is different from the art made for the movies. “Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places”, she wrote, making the suspense rise among the fans.

Old rumour

This is not the first time that a rumor about the eighth Harry Potter story becoming a movie appears. In the announcement on Wednesday, Pottermore quoted a J. K. Rowling’s Tweet of January 2017, when she denied that Cursed Child would become a film trilogy.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child premiered on July 2016 in London, being immediately acclaimed by audience and critics. In 2018, the play premiered on Broadway, in New York (USA), where it broke audience records and repeated the critic’s success. In 2019, the production premiered in Melbourne (Australia), and in October this year, the presentations in São Francisco (USA) start. In 2020, the play will arrive in Hamburg, Germany, and Toronto, Canada.

Translated into English by Caroline Dorigon
Edited by Aline Michel