A group of French Harry Potter fans produced a non-profit film about the Gaunt family, of which Salazar Slytherin and Voldemort are descendants. The trailer for the production was published on Friday (19) on YouTube.

The fan-film seeks to rescue the Gaunt story, which is explained in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but has just cut from the official film adaptation of the book. The production will premiere on May 29 on YouTube.

Watch the trailer for the Voldemort family movie

The trailer is narrated in English and subtitles are available in the same language, as well as Spanish, French and Russian.


The film begins when the head of the Department of Law Enforcement of Magic, Bob Ogden, visits Servoleo Gaunt with a subpoena for his son, Morfin, who the night before had bewitched a Muggle.

During the visit to the Gaunt mansion, Bob spotted a young witch, Merope, looking out the window at a young Muggle named Tom Riddle. It is from there that the relationship between Merope and Tom will arise, from which The Voldemort’s Tom Servoleo Riddle will be born.

Tom Riddle in fan-movie scene about Voldemort's origin
Scene from the new fan-movie about voldemort’s origins (Photo: Joris Faucon Grimaud/Reproduction)

Another film about Voldemort

This is the second fan-movie about Voldemort. The first, released in 2019, caught the fans’ attention for the visual effects similar to those of the official Harry Potter films and had over 17 million views on YouTube. You can watch it here.

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