Known for playing the character Luna Lovegood, actress Evanna Lynch announced last Saturday (13), on Instagram, that will publish her first book in September 2021.

According to the actress, the book will tell her relationship with eating disorders, from a perspective that can inspire and help others who face the same problem..

“It’s a book about my struggle with eating disorders. It is not, however, about thinness or eating, but about rebuilding yourself after real recovery.”

– Evanna Lynch

The book, which has no title or cover yet, will be published in the UK by Headline Books and is now available for pre-order. Publication is not expected in Brazil.

Evanna Lynch’s relationship with anorexia

In an interview with ABC, Evanna Lynch said that since she was 11, she has struggled with anorexia and, for several moments, was hospitalized due to complications of the disorder.

It was during one of the hospitalizations that the fifth Harry Potter book, The Order of thePhoenix, reached bookstores, and Evanna convinced doctors to let her leave the hospital to buy the autographed book.

Teen Evanna Lynch holds her autographed copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Teen Evanna Lynch holds her autographed copy of The Order of the Phoenix

As a way to divert her thoughts from eating problems, Evanna began taking acting classes, even acting in school plays.

Before applying to play Luna, the actress was already a big Fan of Harry Potter,having corresponded with letters with author J. K. Rowling, in which she asked for a role in the franchise.

Although the author never promised to hire, the actress says she saw Rowling as a counselor. Evanna became part of the Harry Potter cast in the fifth film, after winning more than 15,000 candidates for the role, having been praised by audiences and critics.

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