The production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child revealed a new poster for the play, which brings the logo used by Warner Brothers on the films. The release happened in the middle of Times Square, next to the theater where the play is presented in New York.

The play also got a new slogan “Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places”, as the author J. K. Rowling shared on Twitter on Wednesday (5).

Originally created by the illustrator Mary Grand-Pré about 20 years ago for the covers of the Harry Potter books in the United States, the logo was reused by Warner Bros. for the films and got popular around the world, being used by brands that make licensed products, from clothes to umbrellas.

The poster also brings an image of the adult Harry Potter, with lightning expelled by the tip of the wand, making reference to the scar left by Voldemort. From the lightning, comes up the Dark Mark, which is used by the Dark Lord to summon the Death Eaters.

(Image: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child/Disclosure)

Cursed Child takes over Times Square

To celebrate the release of the new visual identity for the play, there was an event in New York. At the end of the play on Broadway, Professor Umbridge stepped on the stage and asked the audience to go to Times Square. “For one night only, all of Times Square will know the power of Lord Voldemort”, said the character. After a countdown, dementors invaded the avenue screens and conjured Voldemort’s Dark Mark.

Free tickets

During the event, the production also announced the free distribution of 934 tickets for the play. To apply for it, you just need to access the play’s website and choose where you want to watch (London, New York, Melbourne, San Francisco, Hamburg or Toronto)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child premiered on July 2016 in London, being immediately acclaimed by audience and critics. In 2018, the play premiered on Broadway, in New York (USA), where it broke audience records and repeated the critic’s success. In 2019, the production premiered in Melbourne (Australia), and in October this year, the presentations in São Francisco (USA) start. In 2020, the play will arrive in Hamburg, Germany, and Toronto, Canada.

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Translated into English by Caroline Dorigon
Edited by Aline Michel