In a new partnership with the English National Autistic Society, Harry Potter and the Cursed Chid will present the play with adapted scenic elements to make the show friendly to people on the autistic spectrum.

As part of this initiative, all employees, including the cast and the security team will receive training on the autistic spectrum. Some of the adaptations include the reduction or removal of loud sound effects, the removal of stroboscopic lightning and a more flexible attitude regarding movement in and out of the auditorium. During these performances, the Palace Theatre will also have designed “chill-out” areas for disturbed guests.

The relaxed performances will happen on August 23 and 24, with each part of the play happening on each day. Tickets go from 30 to 90 pounds. Those interested in attending must register through this link to be notified of the beginning of the sales.

At this moment, these are the only scheduled relaxed performances of Cursed Child. However, the English National Autistic Society said they are optimistic that regular performances will be scheduled at a later date.

+ Letreiro de Harry Potter and the Cursed Child está sendo montado em Nova York

A huge success with the public and critics, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is open at the Palace Theatre in London since July 2016. The play is also preparing to open in Broadway, where audiences will be able to see the original London cast and experience a redesigned Lyric Theatre. The production will also open at the Princess Theatre, in Melbourne, Australia in 2019.