With a presentation inspired by Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone,Amos, a Border Collie dog, won the 2020 American Kennel Club canine competition.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the competition took place online, by sending videos with animal performances. About 100 dogs competed for the prize with Amos.

In his five-minute presentation, Amos portrayed the main events of The Philosopher’s Stone, thefirst book in the series.

Dog recreates Harry Potter scene

Harry Potter Dog petition

Amos is dropped off at Alfeneiros Street, where he receives the letter from Cachorrogwarts and leaves for the Diaugonal Alley to shop like Harry Potter.

He then learns to ‘fly’, walks down moving stairs and picks up the Golden Apple during a game of dog dribol. In the end, Amos faces Late Voldemort in the search for the Philosopher’s Bone.

Check out the full presentation below, with narration in English:

Harry Potter themed presentation

Amos’ trainer, Debby Snyder, revealed that the idea of doing a Harry Potter-inspired presentation came about during a Halloween, when she bought a costume inspired by the series for the dog.

Most of the tricks performed in the presentation were already dominated by the dog, but had to be adjusted to the Harry Potter-inspired narrative and the rules of the competition.

“We spent hours adjusting the presentation. I used suggestions from students and instructors who teach training with me and presentation took weeks to be ready to be filmed”,says

Amos in Harry Potter costume
Amos with your Harry Potter costume
Amos, who made harry potter-themed presentation, alongside his coach
We’re with your coach, Debbi Snyder.

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