The author of Harry Potter, JK Rowling, denied on Friday (29) that a TV series of the franchise is being produced for streaming. She used her official website to write about it.

“Although the rumour is on the rise, we confirm that there are no plans for a Harry Potter TV series.”

– JK Rowling on her official website

The author also took the opportunity to recall in her text that WarnerMedia and HBO Max, which would produce and air the series, respectively, also denied the rumour.

JK Rowling beress Harry Potter series

Jk Rowling’s text came after The Hollywood Reporter published that WarnerMedia executives would be in contact with screenwriters to develop a Harry Potter series.

The American news portal, which specializes in entertainment coverage, often gives news holes, many of which in the future prove to be true.

JK Rowling bereshers rumor about Harry Potter TV series
Hogwarts founders could be good protagonists for a Harry Potter series (Image: Wizarding World/Reproduction)

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