Jam City, Hogwarts Mystery‘s creator, announced a Christmas celebration for the game. Christmas with Hogwarts Mystery will be split into two phases.

In the first one, which happens from December 6th to 12th, players can visit the game’s social media profiles – (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) – and vote in one of the four Christmas ornaments: an owl carrying an ornament, a kitty in a present, a smiling snowman and a Whomping Willow snowglobe.

As from December 13th on, the Christmas trees in the Common rooms will be decorated with the winner ornament. The Hogwarts Mystery‘s social media profiles will release a video with a tutorial teaching players how to make the winner ornament. The video will also bring information about the celebration’s second phase. For a limited time only, players will be able to participate in a side quest with the Weasley family.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available for iOS and Android.

Translated into English by Nuara Costa
Edited by Aline Michel