Interacting with fans on Twitter, [J.K. Rowling] revealed information about the third movie from the Fantastic Beasts franchise, which premieres in November 2020.

The author started the day excusing herself for a typing error in a tweet about politics and said she was in a hurry to start working in the screenplay in five minutes. Hours later, she answered a fan, who wrote she had just watched The Crimes of Grindelwald, revealing she [Rowling] had just finished writing the third screenplay.

A Brazilian fan, Thiego Novais, wrote the author saying that Rio de Janeiro was waiting for Newt Scamander, to which she answered: “Rio de Janeiro had better brace itself”. This is not the first time she implies Brazil is in the franchise’s future.

“Rio de Janeiro had better brace itself”J.K. Rowling

Lastly, Rowling answered a third fan, who asked for a brief description of the third movie in three words. “Answers are given,” answered Rowling.

Translated into English by Nuara Costa
Edited by Aline Michel