Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will be released in a special edition with the Hogwarts houses cover, revealed the British publisher, Bloomsbury. The books will be released on June 13th, 2019, celebrating the book’s 20th anniversary.

Levi Pinfold, the awarded illustrator who also worked in Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets, designed the four new covers each with the house’s colors. All the designs show a black dog in the middle, Sirius’ Animagus form. The surrounding, however, is different in each cover.

Hard cover edition (Photo: Bloomsbury Publishing/Disclosure)
Paperback edition (Photo: Bloomsbury Publishing/Disclosure)


The books will also have new illustrations. The Gryffindor edition will have James Potter’s Animagus and the scene in which Harry conjures his Patronus. The Hufflepuff edition will have the Knightbus, Cedric Diggory playing Quidditch and the Dementors. The Ravenclaw edition will have Sybill Trelawney, the Divination teacher, the Azkaban prison and Buckbeak. At last, the Slytherin edition will have Buckbeak’s executioner, Walde MacNair, Peter Pettigrew in his Animagus form and the potion Snape prepares for Lupin’s werewolf symptoms.

All Harry Potter books will be released with the House edition covers. The publishing dates for the other editions have not been revealed yet.

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Translated into English by Nuara Costa
Edited by Aline Michel