Pottermore published this week new concept artwork of the Marauders on their younger days.

The abstract portraits by Montse Bernal, a portrait expert, tell an elaborate story and exposes the Marauders’ intimate lives.

The illustrations can be found bellow:

Remus Lupin – Moony

“Remus’s life was haunted by the shadow of his second life as a werewolf. Just like his Boggart, his portrait would not be complete without an ominous full moon, reflecting his deepest fear”

Peter Pettigrew – Wormtail

“Did any Marauder go quite as dark as Peter Pettigrew? His portrait is very telling, showing his rat-like front teeth and a ill-omened hand from his shady future”

Sirius Black – Padfoot

“It’s no surprise to see teenage Sirius Black with a shaggy mop top, and his Animagus dog form prowling around. A closer inspection of this sketch warns of a far more enclosed life”

James Potter – Prongs

“Harry really is the spitting image of his father. Good to know that messy hair and stag Patronuses run in the Potter family”

News in English by Beatriz Souza