Actors Jason Isaacs and Evanna Lynch, known for their parts as Lucius Malfoy and Luna Lovegood, talked about J.K. Rowling in an interview during a sneak peek of the Forbidden Forest at the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour. Jason said that the author has a rare gift that keeps fans engaged.

But the compliments didn’t stop there. The actor affirmed to think J.K. Rowling “is magnificent storyteller who tells stories that are completely contemporary and resonant with the world that we live in“. He also said that he’s “sure there will never be times when what she has written isn’t relevant.

“The books are about the world we live in, our relationships with each other and modern day politics. There’s a reason the books resonate so closely with everybody” Isaacs declared.

The actress who plays Luna Lovegood, Evanna Lynch, also made statements about J.K. Rowling. She said that Jo was so detailed in her notes and her back stories and she just left so many places that she can take this story“. Also, she agreed with her former colleague about the theme of the books being tolerance.

“We’re always trying to fix things by putting things in boxes, and that’s not the way. We have to find some way to understand and compromise with each other. Rowling’s always dealing with those themes” said Evanna.

Both actors, along with James and Oliver Phelps, presented a sneak peek of the expansion of the Forbidden Forest the week before. You can read more about it here.

News translated by Beatriz Souza