It was disclosed today (12), through a press release, that [J.K. Rowling] will attend a play presentation of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, that will happen on September 18th during a gala event to raise funds for Lumos, NGO created by Rowling which helps children and teenagers around the world.Tickets for this special night are already on sale and can be bought through this link. All the money raised will be reverted to the families under Lumos’ tutelage, and, besides the tickets, the public can receive some special itens.This play presentation and the gala event will offer a unique oportunity for the fans and it’s the first of a series of events that will be announced during the year as part of the “We Are Lumos” campaign, which invites everyone to unite on a moviment to erradicate the prejudicial and unecessary pratice of separating children of theirs parents and put them on orphanages.“This special gala performance is not only a wonderful opportunity for fans to see the play but it will help raise awareness of the vulnerable, voiceless children living in orphanages around the world and play its part in helping to get them home and back to a loving family, where they belong.” said Georgette Mulheir, Lumos CEO.You can register to help “We are Lumos” through the website Those who register will receive by email early notices about the events that will happen in the months to come.Lumos helped on the last decade thousands of children on central and eastern Europe, as well as Haiti. On this next decade, the foundation plans to expand its activities to Latin America and the Caribean.News translated to English by Marina Anderi