Actress [Fiona Shaw], known to us as Aunt Petunia, gave the [Pottermore] Correspondent an interview during the launching event of the interior of the Dursley’s house at Warner Bros. Studio Tour on London. At the interview, Fiona talks about actor [Richard Griffiths] (deceased March 2013 and known to us as Uncle Vernon), how it was to play Petunia Dursley and more.

‘I used to hope and hope that I would be [a witch]. In some of the scenes I remember playing the fear, the terror of letters arriving, the hatred of it. It was absolutely the hatred of envy. It really was. And I had it myself because I wanted to be in Hogwarts. I was very envious of all the witchcraft people. But that’s what the whole thing is built on. There should be another book about Mrs Dursley and how one day she went to a school called Hogwarts and found her redemption,’ she jokes.

By the disclosed images by Pottermore, we can have a glimpse of how is the interior of the Dursleys’ house e we are very excited for this new area at Warner Bros. Studio Tour. The house will be open to public for 10 days as of May 27h.

To read Fiona’s full interviews and the images, you can click here.

News translated to English by Marina Anderi