In a list released this week by Forbes, [Emma Watson] appears as the most profitable actress in 2017.

The list was elaborated as from the last three movies each actor or actress had a lead role before June 1, 2017. Movies which they had small roles, animations or movies that had low exhibition were not computed. Next, a calculation was done based on the production budget, the global box office and the artist’s salary.

Watson starred The Beauty and the Beast, a Walt Disney’s live action production that turned over US$ 1,26 billion, being the biggest box office in 2017. According to Forbes calculation, she returned US$ 70,70 for every dollar paid.

The complete list has five artists:

– 1st Jeremy Renner, returning US$ 93,80 for each dollar paid;

2nd Emma Watson, returning US$ 70,70 for each dollar paid;

– 3rd Scarlett Johansson, returning US$ 66,50 for each dollar paid;

– 4th Amy Adams, returning US$ 46,10 for each dollar paid;

– 5th Chris Pratt, returning US$ 34,40 for each dollar paid.

Translated by: Caroline Dorigon