After “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” premiered worldwide, several theories linked to the Harry Potter universe were created by fans, based on new information provided by the film. One of them is about the terms “Obscurus” and “Obscurial”, both announced in “Fantastic Beasts”.

Designating all “Obscurial” as “a young wizard or witch who developed a dark parasitical magical force, known as an Obscurus”, that, according to the Harry Potter Wiki is “a result of their magic being suppressed through psychological or physical abuse”, the Harry Potter fans quickly connected the terms with the mysterious disease of Albus Dumbledore’s famous younger sister: Ariana Dumbledore.

Coincidence or not, a few days after the theory that describes Ariana Dumbledore as an Obscurial spread over the internet, Pottermore released on their official website the text: The Mysterious Life and Death of Ariana Dumbledore (click the link to read the full text). The article can be seen as an official confirmation that the sister of Hogwarts’ former headmaster really was an Obscurial.

News translated by: Beatriz Souza