Warner Bros. has released the attraction calendar for the “Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter” for 2018. According to the time of year scheduled for the trip to the studios, the visitors will count on special events and decorations in addition to the fixed exhibition of the place.

The Warner Bros. “Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter” opened its doors in March 2012 and has been visited by 9 million people since. The attraction offers the only chance of getting closer to the original sets, as the Great Hall and the Hogwarts Express, and discovering the secrets behind the great production of the Harry Potter movies.

Check out the studio’s schedule for 2018 in the extension of this post.

Introducing the Art Department

From the 9th to the 19th of February, the studios will turn the spotlight on the Art Department of the production. The visitors will have the chance of finding out the artistic processes of all the details of the Wizarding World. During this period, the studios will welcome some of the original members of the department who will make live demonstrations of the techniques, including live wand-making.

Valentine’s Dinner at the Great Hall

At the 9th and 10th February, couples are invited to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a romantic dinner at the Great Hall.

Guests will count on drinks and canapés, before enjoying a three-course dinner at the original set. After the meal, there will be the opportunity of the exclusive access to the Studio Tour, along with the choice of a Butterbeer tankard and a wand as a souvenir of the event.

The tickets will go on sale 19th December at the studios’ official website.

The Goblet of Fire

From the 30th of March to 23rd of September, the studios will be celebrating the fourth Harry Potter movie with an exhibition. For the first time since the end of filming, the Goblet of Fire will be returning to the Great Hall, with live demonstrations of the parchment being expelled to reveal the names of the Triwizard champions. In addition, new props and costumes will be on display, including Barty Crouch Jr’s and George Weasley’s.

Dark Arts

During Halloween season, from 28th September to 11th November, visitors will discover the secrets behind the Dark Arts production of the Wizarding World. The Great Hall will be decorated with over 100 suspended pumpkins as well as a thematic decoration at the tables’ feast. There will be live demonstrations of wand duels with Death Eaters, in a spooky set of the Diagon Alley.

Hogwarts in the Snow

At last, from the 17th November to 27th January 2019, the decoration known as Hogwarts in the Snow will be returning to the studios. The major Hogwarts castle model will be covered in filmmaking snow and the visitors will also be able to get to know and touch samples of different types of snow used to create the illusion of the castle’s reality.

Besides, a part of the Great Hall will be transformed into the Yule Ball of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Gryffindor’s common room will have festive decorations.

Located at the same studios where the production of the eight Harry Potter Movies was based, along with the Fantastic Beasts franchise, the Warner Bros. “Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter” offers a whole new experience for fans of the series. Tickets must be bought in advance at the official website and can’t be bought directly at the studios.

Translated by: Gabi Benevides
Reviewed by: Nuara Costa