Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger, wrote about the importance of change for Vogue Australia. In addition to being March’s cover, Watson was a guest editor.

“After a year dominated by an alarming newsfeed, it seems we have hit a turning point in 2018. Silenced voices are becoming amplified and media outlets are shining a spotlight on the people and groups challenging for change. […] The word ‘change’ can be intimidating, riddled with expectation of outcomes and fear of failure. So I want to propose something to you: when steering a boat, a captain can shift the wheel one degree and it drastically changes the course of the boat. I would like to challenge you, after reading this issue, to make a one-degree shift, because a small change can make a huge difference.”

+ Emma Watson donates 1 million pounds for fight against sexual harassment

Translated by: Beatriz Souza
Reviewed by: Anna Carolina Viduani