[Tom Felton], our eternal [Draco Malfoy], celebrated his 30th birthday recently! Despite being recognized for his role in Harry Potter as the snobbish Malfoy, Tom does not look anything like the character. So we’ve listed some reasons to fall in love (probably even more) with him!

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1. He is super attentive to fans

In 2015, he even produced a documentary about super-fans: Tom Felton Meets the Superfans, from the BBC, exhibited in Brazil by GNT.

On a visit to Rio de Janeiro to promote Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, the actor was greeted with euphoria by the fans. Photo: Alexandre Durão / UOL.

2. Especially with the little fans

“Do you want to hear a secret? I’m cool in real life. Only Draco is evil. Tom is a great person, I promise,”, the actor said during The Celebration of Harry Potter in Orlando for Juniper, The Girl Who Lived.

3. He loves animals

Unfortunately, his dog, Timber, died of cancer. But Tom’s love will always remain alive! ❤

4. EHe sings the Toy Story Theme Song

“You’ve got a friend in me!”

5. Besides singing and playing, he composes

This was for his friend who was sick.

Throwing it back. A song made for Keith, wardrobe king on the flash when he was poorly ⚡️co-star miss frost ❄️️

Uma publicação compartilhada por Tom Felton (@t22felton) em

6. He is always willing to teach

Even a teddy bear!

7. He practices sports and has strange abilities, as balancing a spoon on his nose

And it’s not even magic!

News by: Thais Souza
Translated by: Mauren Ziak
Reviewed by: Gabriela Benevides