On a new video released by Pottermore,the costume designer Katrina Lindsay, responsible for the entire costumes of the play in London and who now works on the creative process of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’s costumes for Broadway, New York, talks about her creating process.

According to Katrina, the saga’s characters are iconic and loved by so many people, and therefore, she knew she had to find a balance between a unique stage design which also allowed the fans to recognize each character as soon as they walked into stage.

The designer also revealed that to create the costumes, especially for Harry, Ron and Hermione, she took into consideration that The Cursed Child is a play and, therefore, each character would be played by different actors at different times. That’s why the costume designer wanted to create an image for each one of them that would be easily and quickly recognized by the public, regardless the actor.

Besides the color palette defined to each character, there is a preoccupation with the actors’ proportions, like their height, for example. Therefore, the costume has to be adapted to fit in different body types, not losing the visual language defined for them.

Watch the video below: