By Evandro Lira

Almost ten years after the release of the third movie, the franchise Toy Story returned to the cinemas. To celebrate the release, POTTERISH took the Sorting Hat to the toys’ world to find out what would be the characters’ Hogwarts houses.


The sheriff Woody is brave and intelligent, but everything that he does is out of loyalty to his friends. In Toy Story 4 he once again shows that he is the best friend a child (and a toy) could have. For that, the Sorting Hat decided to place him in… Hufflepuff!

Photo: Disney-Pixar/Disclosure


Courage is what Buzz Lightyear has enough. He is always willing to get in trouble to help someone, as that is his duty as Space Patrolman. In the new movie, he decides that it is time to go alone in a risky mission to help Woody. Buzz would fit well in… Gryffindor!

Photo: Disney-Pixar/Disclosure

Bo Peep

The porcelain shepherdess appears in the first two movies, but, in Toy Story 4, she assumes a fundamental role in Woody’s journey and shows a maturity that separates her from the image of a beautiful and sweet peasant. Contrary to Woody, she does not make any rushed decisions and always thinks which is the best way to put her plans in practice. Because of that, she should go to… Ravenclaw!

Photo: Disney-Pixar/Disclosure


In Toy Story 4, Forky faces a true existential crisis, until, with Woody’s helo, he can realize and accept his condition of being a toy. In this journey, even though he is suffering, Forky can put himself in others shoes and make very emphatic choices. He would fit well in… Hufflepuff!

Photo: Disney-Pixar/Disclosure

Gabby Gabby

Even though at first sight she seems like a sweet and pleasant doll, Gabby Gabby is willing to do everything she can to reach her goals. She dominates the antiquary where she lives and see Woody as the perfect opportunity to solve her biggest problem. For that, Gabby Gabby goes to… Slytherin!

Photo: Disney-Pixar/Disclosure

Ducky and Bunny

Ducky and Bunny meet Woody, Buzz and Bo Peep quite suddenly and, even though they are not their friends, the duo doesn’t think twice if it is worthy to risk their lives to help them. Completely impulsive, they like to resolve things in a practical way. Because of that they would be together at… Gryffindor!

Photo: Disney-Pixar/Disclosure

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Translated into English by Paola Galiano
Edited by Aline Michel