The Australian cast of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child talked about their experiences in the Wizarding World and revealed how they got their roles for the play in an interview to the newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald.

Sean Rees-Wemyss (Albus Potter), Manali Datar (Rose Granger-Weasley) e William McKenna (Scorpius Malfoy), from left to right.

Albus Potter

Sean Rees-Wemyss, 20 years old, will play Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley’s son. He has been acting since the age of six but was considering quitting his career when he received an email from his agent recommending that he applied for the auditions. After reflecting and deciding to carry on, he participated on various auditions. In the last one, he went to London and did a test with John Tifanny, the play’s director, and Sonia Friedman, the play’s producer in the United Kingdom. In July 2018, Sean finally got a positive answer, which made him very happy. “I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I mean, my cat is named Hermione”, reveals Rees-Wemyss.

Scorpius Malfoy

William McKenna, who will give life to Scorpius Malfoy, was in the last year of high school when finding out that he got the role. The actor had to keep the secret until the cast was officially announced, in September 2018. “Obviously my family knew, but keeping it from my best friends, when everyone is asking what you’re doing next year and talking about gap years and so on, it wasn’t the easiest thing for sure”, he remembers.

McKenna is a big fan of the Wizarding World‘s books and movies. “There’s a video of me and my cousin as six-year-olds, with sticks as wands, running around a holiday house shouting spells at each other, which is one of the fondest memories I have”, he tells.

Rosa Granger-Weasley

Manali Datar found out that she was cast in the role to play Ron and Hermione’s daughter the day before her birthday. However, she could not reveal anything during her party. Her casting follows a tradition established in London and carried on to New York of “diverse” Rose and Hermiones as Datar was born in India. “When I heard about it, I was like, ‘This would be something I’d love to watch’, to have someone my age, or girls even younger, go to the theatre and see themselves represented on stage”, she tells.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child premieres at the Princess Theatre, in Melbourne, Australia, on February 23, 2019. The preview sessions open for the public starts on January 18th. To buy tickets, access the play’s official website.

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Translated into English by Paola Galiano
Edited by Aline Michel