The studio where the Harry Potter movies where filmed, in London, is all set for Christmas. Between November 16th, 2019 and January 26th, 2020, the visitors of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London will be able to see the filming sets with a special decoration, titled Hogwarts in the Snow.

Between December 9th and 11th of 2019, the studio will also host the event Dinner in the Great Hall. A Christmas feast will be served in the Great Hall, while dessert will be served on the set of Platform 9 ¾, next to the Hogwarts Express. On those nights, there will also be an exclusive tour after the usual Studio Tour hours, which ends at 7 P.M.

A Harry Potter Christmas

To celebrate Christmas, Hogwarts’ Great Hall will receive Yule Ball decorations, with Christmas trees covered in snow and an orchestra equipped with magical instruments, as seen in Goblet of Fire. The tables will be adorned with props similar to the films’, like turkeys, ham and Christmas pudding.

The Great Hall decorated to the Hogwarts in the Snow event (Image:Warner Bros. Studio Tour London)

The Gryffindor common room will be decorated for Christmas, which will include Christmas cards, some of which were created by the cast members during production. The fireplaces spread around the studio will remain lit with the artificial fires developed for the filming.

Lastly, a layer of scenic snow will be added to the Hogwarts scale model. During filming, a crew member sprinkled an artificial mix on top of the piece to create the necessary effect. During the tour, visitors will be able to touch samples of the different types of ‘snow’ used during production


The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter is located in the Leavesden Studios, where all Wizarding World movies were filmed. The Hogwarts in the Snow exposition is included in regular tickets, that cost £ 45 for adults. Tickets must be bought in advance on the studio’s official website.

Tickets for the Dinner in the Great Hall must be acquired separately. They cost £ 240.

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Translated into English by Beatriz F.
Edited by Aline Michel