An animal shelter in Florida developed a campaign for puppy adoption based on their [Hogwarts]’ House.

Concerned about the fate of these cur dogs, The staff of Pet Alliance Orlando created a test using toys that represent the different qualities of Hogwarts houses. Having already nearly 40 selected dogs, the most popular house is Hufflepuff, followed by Gryffindor, Slytherin, and ultimately, Ravenclaw.

Fotos: The Dodo

We want to start a national conversation about dog personality, instead of their races. That’s our main goal and we think this is a fun and general way for people to start debating”, dsaid Stephen Bardy, the shelter’s executive director.

Once a dog is selected, it wins a special flag for its kennel, which helps those interested in adoption to choose based on the animal Hogwarts house.

News by: Gabriela Benevides
Translated by: Mauren Ziak
Reviewed by: Aline Michel