“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is coming to Broadway’s stages in New York (read more about here) and for those wanting to purchase a ticket on presale, the registration for obtaining a ‘Verified Fan’ account is open.

The Potterheads need to register at Ticketmaster until January 31st. After verifying the account, this register guarantees the participation on the lottery that will select the ones who will be able to purchase the tickets. The lucky ones will receive an access code on Wednesday, February 7th, the first day of sales that start at 11 am ET.

Those who registered back in October, for the first sale, need a new registration in case they want to participate again. Starting February 8th, the remaining tickets will be released to purchase without the need of registration.

News by: Isabela Colucci
Translated by: Anna Carolina Viduani
Reviewed by: Aline Michel