Ralph Fiennes revealed in interview to the Evening Standard that he wouldn’t like to play villains anymore.

The actor, who played the commander Amon Göth in “Schindler’s List”, a serial killer in “Red Dragon” and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in the Harry Potter series, said that playing this kind of character messes with his psychological condition:

“You have to go to weird places in your head and — well you can never say never — but after an SS commandant, a serial killer in Red Dragon and Voldemort, I decided I didn’t want to be that definition of evil any more. If you play those parts, I feel you have to put your head in the place of that person. And it f**ks with your head.’”

Although, Ralph declared he would play Voldemort again:

“If Voldemort came round again, I would feel possessive… protective. I would like to not let that go.”

Curiously, the actor had no interest in playing the dark wizard at first, and only took the part after talking with his sister. When Ralph saw the enthusiasm of Harry Potter readers, including his sister’s children, he realised the importance and intensity of it.

Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t have any sign that Tom Riddle or Voldemort will appear in the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” series.

News translated by: Beatriz Souza