The famous pub Conan Doyle, located in the downtown area of Edinburgh, was renamed to The J.K.Rowling. The change did not please many customers of the pub which was originally named in honor of the famous Sherlock Holmes’ author, who was born near the place where the pub stands today.

The pub chain Nicholson, which is responsible for Conan Doyle, stated the change is temporary and that it is part of a new art installation in the city of Edinburgh called Message from the Skies. The installation was developed by Val McDermid, Philip Howard and the Double Take Projections company with the intention of showing the streets and buildings which inspired the great authors from the Scottish capital, such as the very own Conan Doyle and [J.K. Rowling].


“She (Rowling) also explores Edinburgh as a city which inspires writers with chapters set across the city. Conan Doyle attracted crowds queuing up to get the next instalment of Sherlock Holmes. Today J.K.Rowling has had Harry Potter fans queuing outside bookshops for his next adventure. Val is championing a 21st century woman writer.” says the Underbelly events.

The pub will go back to its original name on January 25th.

News by Gabriela Bevenides                                                                                                                                                         Translated by Caroline Calzolari                                                                                                                                                     Revised by Anna Carolina Viduani