Those who read or watched the [Harry Potter] series, notice that death plays a prominent role in the story. Having to deal with the loss of so many major and beloved characters may have helped fans to cope better with mourning in real life, according to a research lead by psicologist from Salisbury University.

Lance Garmon and Meredith Patterson, in charge of the research, said that the recurring approach to this topic can have positive effects. For example, the series could serve as a coping mechanism for people who do dwell on death. For the younger fans, the books can also help them to understand grown-up issues.

The study involved more than 400 college studentes and also took into consideration how many times the people read or watched Harry Potter and what motiveted them to look for the serie. The resuld showed that fans with high exposition to the serie have a higher death awareness, since they had more opportunities to think about the matter.

It seems that the sacrifice of our beloved characters was not in vain. Their deaths were important not only for the plot, but also to help us to see death in a easier way, just as the younger brother Peverell did.

Fonte: Live Science

News translated by: Aline Michel