Funko, well-known by licensing several franchises of pop culture for its vinyl brand, announced new collectable items specially inspired by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The toys will be released in July and, besides the regular editions, the North American stores Target, Barnes & Noble and Hot Topic will have exclusive editions.

Pop! Movies will release 11 collectables, including editions of Harry, Ron and Hermione wearing vestment for Herbology class and holding a mandrake. Editions of Ginny Weasley with Tom Riddle’s diary, professor Gilderoy Lockhart, Tom Riddle and the ghost Nearly Headless Nick will also be released.

Barnes & Noble will have an alternative edition of professor Lockhart, with blue vestment, as well as a special kit with Harry, Ron and Hermione dressed for Herbology class. Target, on the other hand, will have a sepia edition of Tom Riddle, a 6 inch basilisk and a 10 inch edition of Dobby – bigger than regular Funko Pop! size.

On Vynl brand, which is sold in pairs to show the relation between the characters, the new edition brings Hermione and Ron. Barnes & Noble will have Ron with his broken wand after his arrival in the flying Ford Anglia in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

On Mystery Minis brand, which brings small collectables sold on assorted way to encourage exchanges among the collectors , Funko revealed new editions of Harry Potter, Alastor Moody and Draco Malfoy, as well as the debut of characters such as Dolores Umbridge, Argus Filch, Ms. Norris, Gregory Goyle and others.

At Target, it will be possible to find Harry, Ron and Hermione dressed with Quidditch World Cup accessories, while Hot Topic will offer Lucius Malfoy, an exclusive edition of Harry Potter and a black and white version of Tom Riddle. As for Barnes & Noble, Basilisk, Moaning Myrtle and the colored version of Tom Riddle will be exclusive.

News by: Rodrigo Cavalheiro
Translated by: Caroline Dorigon
Reviewed by: Anna Viduani