Lumos, a charity institution created by [J.K. Rowling], is one of the four finalists to win a $100 million-dollar donation from the MacArthur Foundation.

Three of the four finalist companies in the contest work for a better quality of life for children. To know more about the companies, click here.

About the finalists, MacArthur president declared:

“The proposals are creative, ambitious, and driven by a passion to make the world a better place for millions of people. Together, they demonstrate that, even in challenging social and political times, solutions are possible and worthy of significant investment.”

Lumos’ official website created an exclusive page that describes the institution’s work and how important these donations would have in Lumus’ future actions. You can access this page through this link.

As a part of the selective process, the four finalists will answer the public’s questions weekly. The first round of questions will be on September 29th and the winner will be announced live on December 11th.

The Potterish Staff wishes Lumos good luck!

News translated by: Nuara Costa
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