With the approach of the holiday season, Lumos launched a campaign to help the 8 million children around who live in orphanages around the world. The donations are collected on the organization’s official website. With 100% of the donations going to the organization’s program, Lumos asks for help to illuminate the Christmas of those in need. The donation can help the children and their families in various ways:

$35 could help feed a child in Haiti for a week.
$50 could help a child reunite with his or her family.
$100 could support a family to set up a micro-business, helping to keep children at home where they belong., and
$200 could keep a child in school for a year by covering all essential expenses.

The institution also offers prizes to those donating, as a way to thank them. In the current campaign the donors have the chance to win a copy of the script from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them signed by [J.K. Rowling], one “Be The Light” T-shirt signed by Eddie Redmayne, and other prizes.

[J.K. Rowling], who founded the organization, left a special messages to the supporters: