The Harry Potter movies could have been very different for the Death Eaters. Jason Isaacs told Digital Spy that he didn’t audition for the role of Lucius Malfoy, but for Gilderoy Lockhart.

“I was mightily pissed off when they asked me would I mind reading for a different part. I was about to go play Captain Hook [in 2003’s Peter Pan] and didn’t want to do two children’s villains. I went back in and read then went home. “I said to my agent, ‘When they call, tell them no, thank you very much, I am about to go play Captain Hook’. He said, ‘Just think about it over the weekend’. I said, ‘No, I don’t want to think about it – it’s fun and lovely and flattering but I am not playing two children’s villains!’”

Although, Isaacs family made him change his mind. “They all tried to persuade me to take the job – not because they cared about me but because they wanted to visit the set! So, I took the job and thank God I did,” he says. In the end, his enchantment for Lucius are undeniable, as we can see in uncountable online fanfics, with surprising plots until today. “I’ve come across some of the less steamy stuff but I’ve occasionally let my eyes flicker across the fully obscene material. I then quickly scrub my eyes out with Dettol!”

“[J.K. Rowling] is way too good a storyteller to breathe into her stories with a beginning, middle and ending with a little side alley. If Jo called me and went, ‘I want to do a Lucius Malfoy spin-off film’, she wouldn’t get to the middle of her sentence before I’ve said yes and left my house! But I am not holding my breath for that call.”

His next movie role will be very different: a soviet military commandant, Georgy Zhukov, in The Death of Stalin. The movie, out in cinemas since October 20th, is a historical satire based on a French comic.

News written by Paola Galiano
Translated by Nuara Costa
Reviewed by Caroline Dorigon