In the third episode ofDouble Trouble, podcast about tripscreated by [James Phelps] and [Oliver Phelps], the twins took advantage of the trip to the event A Celebration of Harry Potterto prepare an episode about Florida. The actors, who played Fred and George Weasley, also talked about the backstage of the Harry Potter’s annual event which takes place at Universal Studios, in Orlando.

>”We developed a great personal relationship with the people who prepare the exhibition (Harry Potter: The Exhibition) and we ended up opening the exhibitions in different cities around the world.So, we were very lucky to get to come to Universal Orlando this weekend to announce which city will be the next.It was like announcing the next host of the World Cup, but without the whole corruption.”

The complete podcast is availableon YouTube and on the app “Limor“, for iOS (Apple).

In the previous episodes, the brothers talked about their experiences visiting Madrid (Spain), New York and Pittsburgh (United States).

News by: Isabela Colucci
Translated by: Aline Michel
Reviewed by: Caroline Dorigon