July 31st can be an ordinary day for the unwary, but it sure isn’t for us, Potterheads. Both born at the end of the seventh month, the creator [JK Rowling] celebrates today her 50th birthday, and [Harry Potter], the boy who lived, becomes 35.

It may not be of great importance to highlight what were the first steps of JK Rowling and Harry Potter, the great paths they have traveled (and still do!), their great deeds and accomplishments, because we all know those things, but rather than that, thank and honor them will never become something unimportant. But even if we do this every year, in different ways, we can never put into words our feelings for these two, but nothing prevents us from trying, right?

This time, why not gather fans, people who have been influenced by Rowling and today influence others, to do something? Writers, actors, Youtubers, Booktubers and the people who keep this website up since 2002 gathered to pay a tribute to our queen. The result, in our humble opinion, turned out fantastic, as you can watch below. Remember to turn on the English subtitles.

Beautiful, isn’t it? If that’s the same feeling that you have for both of them, don’t forget to share the video with your friends! Cheers to J. K. Rowling! Cheers to Harry Potter!

And does it stop there?! Of course not! Throughout this very special day, we will promote other celebrations, such as quizes with the possibility of winning prizes in partnership with Rocco Pubisher, the give away of a launch copy of “Harry Potter Magical Places” in partnership with Galera Record Publisher and much more! Our social media team prepared beautiful tributes in the form of posts and tweets, so make sure to check out the following networks: Twitter , Facebook , Instagram and Tumblr .

Oh, and if you’re like us and love to watch and read Jo Rowling’s interviews, visit our content because we have a special surprise for you! Thanks to Potterish’s teams of editors, translators, transcribers and subtitlers, we have a database of interviews with the Queen covering from 1997 to the present, almost all in Portuguese, adding up more than 400 texts and videos in our language!

“Mischief managed, Nox!”

Translated and reviewed by: Carolina Portela e Bruna Lopes.