J.K. Rowling, the screenwriter of the series Fantastic Beasts, updated the Frequently Asked Questions section on her website, giving the fans details about the future of the franchise.

The author revealed that as the story goes on, the term “beasts” will mean much more than just the different magical creatures which are cataloged in Newt Scamander’s book. “There’s the literal sense of non-human creatures: some of them cute, some of them terrifying, some simply strange. Then there is the metaphorical sense of the beast inside a man, the crude emotions that a manipulative genius like Grindelwald knows how to stoke and use”, revealed Rowling. “We’re also dealing with the idea of beastly people: that some humans are something less than human. Even where there is great charisma and intelligence, there may be an utter lack of conscience”.

According to Rowling, the story will also work with the idea that some humans, despite being intelligent and charismatic, have an utter lack of conscience, what makes them bestial. “I’m exploring the idea of creating beasts, which is to say, othering or dehumanising our fellow people, as the first step towards cruelty or extermination”. Rowling reveals that Newt’s original hunt for beasts that escaped from his case will become something more elusive as the human world becomes darker and more complex. In the next films, the main four characters, led by the shambling figure of Newt Scamander, will hunt for a return to humanity.

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald hits the cinemas worldwide on November 16th.

Translated into English by Caroline Dorigon
Edite by Aline Michel