The magic wand shop Mystical Moments in Slaithwaite (United Kingdom) got globally famous after [J.K. Rowling] tweeted about it.

Richard Carter, the shop’s owner, who makes wands to people interested in spirituality, was on headlines all around the world after being accused of banning Harry Potter fans from your shop and refusing to sell them his crafts.

The Harry Potter creator shared a link to the story, made by The Independent, with the headline: “Harry Potter fans banned from wand shop for not being real wizards”. Then, she tweeted: “Oh, yeah? Well, I don’t think they’re real wands”.

Richard said that messages are being received from all around the world since Rowling’s tweet. “I understand that everybody has their own opinions and belief systems but we are slightly disappointed at her throwaway comment about our wands and their purpose without any knowledge of our belief system. Obviously she has only read one part of the story and not the Examiner’s last piece which stated the facts.”

Richard claims that his comments were taken out of context by the journalist who called after reading a story about the store’s opening on the Examiner. “A freelance journalist rang me up to have a chat after the Examiner article and the conversation turned to Harry Potter. But he took some of what I said out of context. I said that if Harry Potter fans wanted a wand they should go on eBay because what they’re basically after is a toy. But I have not banned them from the shop”.

News translated by: Beatriz Souza