The Japanese fans of Harry Potter will be able to see the House of MinaLima graphic design studio pieces. From March 15th to April 16th, in Tokyo, prints and replicas of posters and objects from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises will be available for sale.

There will also be available the illustrated books from the partnership between the studio and the publishing house, Harper Collins. Classics such as Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast have received new hardcovers, vivid illustrations and been gold plated. The studio collection Collective Noun, a series of prints and stationery goods that celebrate and play with the English language, will also be available.

The British, Miraphora Mina, and the Brazilian, Eduardo Lima, are responsible for the graphic design of the Wizarding World’s movies. They have created countless props, such as the Marauders’ Map and the Time Turner. For further information, go on the studio’s website.

+ A Brazilian in Harry Potter: 9 curious facts by Eduardo Lima

Written by Gabriela Benevides
Translated by Dimitri Manaroulas
Revised by Caroline Dorigon