Harry Potter fans can now visit Hagrid’s Hut. The Groundkeeper’s cottage was built at North Shire campsite, located at Yorkshire – the United Kingdom, 330 kilometers from London approximately.

The price per night is £195, equivalent to $257, and it fits up to six guests, four adults, and two kids. When paying an extra fee, it is allowed to take your pet with you.

The accommodation was Carol Cavendish’s idea, a long-time Harry Potter fan who spent £195,000 or $257,000 to built the cottage. It is divided into three main areas, the open plan living space, bedroom, and bathroom. It also has a fireplace and it is decorated with Hagrid-style paraphernalia such as old baskets, ropes, and lanterns. “It is so fantastic to create an environment where others can also leave behind everyday life and step into their favourite storybook”, said Carol on an interview to Daily Mail.

Translated into English by Beatriz Biasoto
Edited by Aline Michel