Our webmaster Marcelo Neves and Ryan Thomas, Potterish reporters from the United Kingdom, have been invited for the media preview to “Hogwarts in the Snow” at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. The attraction will be available until 31st January 2016 and is indispensable for any fan who can attend, elevating “the already impressive set to new heights”, as Ryan states on the exclusive report you can read below.

Ryan Thomas – Potterish.com

It’s the first cold night of the season and it’s windy. Very windy. Yet here we are, bundled in coats and scarves north of London. For good reason, though. We’ve been invited to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour for a special nighttime preview of the latest festive offering: “Hogwarts in the Snow”.

Through the doors we’re immediately given bright blue cocktails that are smoking. Literally. There are nibbles and warm drinks on offer as we wait for our tour to start. Of course we’ve been here before. But like a kid on Christmas the anticipation of the tour never grows old. And this time we’re in for a very special treat.

Com fome?

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As always, the tour starts in the Great Hall, now decked in the festive decorations from the first film. The feast is laid out, the fires are lit and snow falls gently outside the windows. The magical decorations elevate the already impressive set to new heights, with more than ever to see and enjoy. My favourite touch is the flying witch tree toppers who gracefully glide in circles around the top of each Christmas tree.

Past the Great Hall there there is a demonstration of the various types of “snow” used in the films, from shredded paper to salt. The backlot is also transformed, with snow machines lurching Privet Drive, the Knight Bus and more into a winter wonderland. And in Diagon Alley we get to witness Harry walking through the snow in his invisibility cloak, evidenced only by magical footprints appearing in a track of the white powdery stuff.

The cherry on top of this festive affair is the breathtaking Hogwarts Castle, dusted beautifully with snow. The flickering windows seem to radiate warmth over the frosted turrets and grounds. I spare a thought for the poor staff members who will have to clean it up once Christmas has come and gone.

Ultimately, the magic of Christmas and the magic of Harry Potter unite for the perfect holiday treat. Don’t miss it.