Scholastic, publisher responsible for the Harry Potter series in the United States, announced the pre-sale of a new edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger.

Lisbeth Zwerger won the Hans Christan Andersen Awards for Best Illustrator, one of the most important for children’s literature. Throughout her career, the Austrian illustrated several classic books, including Hansel and Gretel, Thumbelina, A Christmas Carol, AESOP’s Fables, The Wizard of Oz and The Little Mermaid. Her works are recognized by similar style to British illustrators from XIX century.

Unlike Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which are published with Jim Kay’s and Olivia Lomenech Gill’s illustrations both in England and in The United States, The Tales of Beedle, the Bard will have different arts. While the American publisher chose Lisbeth Zweger, the British Bloomsbury chose Chris Riddell – check out the previews of British edition see the previews of British edition .

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Translated from Ancient Runes by Hermione Granger and with Albus Dumbledore’s comments, the new edition will also count on [J.K. Rowling]’s introduction and notes. 15% of the sales will be donate to Lumos, by Scholastic. Lumos is the NGO created by Rowling. The book is on pre-sale on, for $27.63, and will be released on October 9th, 2018buy here.

News by: Rodrigo Cavalheiro
Translated by: Caroline Dorigon
Reviewed by: Aline Michel