The actress Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood, released a podcast to discuss veganism. She intends, with the project, to inform everyone about vegan life style and to inspire people to join the diet. The podcast is called The ChickPeeps and has different guests to evoke debates, which tend to generate lots of doubts.

Evanna decided to create the podcast to help and to end the myth that veganism is something “radical and extreme” when life style choices are discussed. “I was vegetarian and would speak about the ethics of it, and then I realized the inconsistencies of it because people were asking, ‘Why aren’t you vegan?’. I think there was a lot of pressure just to know everything, and I felt really overwhelmed.”, the actress said in an interview to VegNews.

Available only in English, the ChickPeeks was launched in November, 8th, and already has 3 episodes.

Translated by: Mauren Ziak
Reviewed by: Gabriela Benevides