As promised, “Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them” will be a movie trilogy with original scripts written by [J.K. Rowling]. The first movie will be released on November 17th, but on a interview for Entertainment Weekly, director [David Yates] revealed details of the second feature film – its script has already been written.

“We’ve seen the script for Part 2, for the second movie, which takes the story in a whole new direction – as you should, you don’t want to repeat yourself. The second movie introduces new characters as she builds this part of the Harry Potter universe further. It’s a very interesting development from where we start out. The work is pouring out of her.”

EW also asked Yates if the second movie will also be placed in the USA, but he says it’s still not time to tell these details.

Besides the informations about the second movie, it was also revealed a new Picture of the magizoologist Newt Scamander, this time on a camera angle quite peculiar and with wand in hand: desta vez em um ângulo de câmera um tanto peculiar e com a varinha em punho:

News translated to English by Marina Anderi