[Emma Watson] was elected the most influential celebrity in a research commissioned by youth empowerment programme National Citizen Service (NCS) and conducted by ICM in the United Kingdom.

One thousand teenagers from both genders were interviewed and the researchers concluded that Emma’s constant statements about feminism, racism and homophobia were a strong factor for her first position. In the pool, the adolescents could choose between 43 people. The list included actors, YouTubers and musicians, among great names like Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Zayn Malik.
The same research also concluded that feminism is the most cited word by the adolescents.

The actress’ work, who portrayed the smart Hermione in the Harry Potter series, and, more recently, the fearless Belle in The Beauty and the Beast, connects to youngsters from all over the world in a particular way. Besides, the fact of being constantly in the media demonstrating her strong political and ideological point of view put her in a position of influencer of the lives and ideals of everyone that follows her work.

News written by Gabriel Alves
Translated by Anna Viduani
Reviewed by Amanda Mendes