The actress [Emma Watson] condemned child marriage during a visit to Malawi on October 10th 2016.

During a speech there, the actress called on authorities across Africa to end the practice that can put young lives as risk as well as stopping girls get an education and a better future:

“Meeting with young girls, who like many in their country, are struggling with poverty and were pressured into early marriage … made me realize just how important it is for women to be able to make their own choices. “It’s so encouraging to see how such a harmful practice can be stopped when communities work together.”

Emma, a goodwill ambassador for UN Women, was visiting the southeastern African nation a day ahead of the International Day of the Girl Child. During her visit, Watson met with traditional leaders who have championed the annulment of child marriages in their communities.

U.N. data shows that globally, one-third of girls in developing countries, excluding China, are married before the age of 18, denying them their childhood and right to go to school. Child marriage also deprives girls of an education, increases the risk of domestic violence, death or serious injuries if they have children before their bodies are ready.