Close to the premiere date of Beauty and the Beast, Disney releases new material about the film. TV commercials with brand new scenes are aired daily. The spotlight is now on the beginning of the song “Belle”, which is to be the first musical number of the film, if it follows the animated version’s logic.

The clip starts with the clock striking at 8 AM and soon the windows are opened by women who greet in French: “Bonjour, bonjour!” Then, Emma Watson appears as Belle, singing about the routine of the quiet place where she lives, while the locals comment on her oddness. You can watch the video below:

As we can see on the video, the scene is not identical to the animated version, like the trailers indicated. You can see the original number bellow:

Beauty and the Beast is available on cinemas all over the world and, besides Emma Watson, the cast counts with big names such as Emma Thompson and Ian McKellen.

News translated by Beatriz Souza