“Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” will be, in fact, in thousands of cinemas worldwide, thanks to its natural grandiosity and also its connexion with [Harry Potter]. The stars of the movie went to Las Vegas, on CinemaCon, to share a few details about this new story of the Wizarding World.

Before showing the teaser trailer displayed at the MTV Movie Awards on the last weekend, Warner Bros. revealed a new clip from the movie backstage, press exclusive, where there were scenes of J.K. Rowling herself talking about the project.

“”Fantastics Beasts” was what I was most interested in writing about the Wizarding World, besides the seven “Harry Potter” books. I feel very close to this project”, said Jo, adding that she knew Warner Bros. would like to keep telling stories about Harry’s world.

On tha same clip, according to Hypable, there was a very quick scene of a group of young people wearing red capes, with a symbol on their clothes’ pocket. Could they be Ilvermorny students, the north-american wizaring school which name we ouselves discovered?

There was also a scene that showed Newt operating his magic suitcase. On a interview, Eddie Redmayne described the movie as “imagination taken to the extreme”.

Fans around the world are already frantic with the première scheduled for November 2016!

News translated to English by Marina Anderi