Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald will have an extended version with an extra 7 minutes in the movie. It will be available online to those who purchased the DVD and Blu-Ray, which will be in stores on February 23rd. Based on trailers and interviews with the actors, we have listed 11 scenes which were cut from the version shown in the cinemas – including an alternate ending and another one which POTTERISH watched being shot during our visit to the movie set.

These scenes might not be featured in the extended version, but they were shot and cut by the director, David Yates.

1. Alternate Ending

The cast revealed during an interview that they had shot an alternate ending after the fight with Grindelwald. The shooting took 3 weeks, always at sunset, to avoid the use of special effects to change the color of the sky, preserving the scene’s naturality. During the shooting, the characters ate croissants, distributed by the alchemist Nicholas Flamel, while mourning the outcome of the battle against Grindelwald. The croissants were delivered to the studio daily, by plane, since they were custom-made in order not to look over or undersized for the cameras. The scene was cut because the producers decided that a lengthy scene at the end of the movie would not work out. “In the end, only the extra pounds on my body were left from the croissants,” joked the actress Claudia Kim.

Source: Claudia Kim, Ezra Miller, Callum Turner, and Dan Fogler in an interview to the channel MTV International

2. Credence, the Circus Arcanus and Paris

The version that ended up on the big screen does not explain how Credence left New York, arrived in Paris and joined Circus Arcanus. In a scene featured in a trailer, the wizard stares at circus posters, also wearing clothes different from the ones in the movie’s final cut. The scene probably explains how he discovered the circus and arrived in the City of Lights.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Reproduction

During a POTTERISH visit to the Fantastic Beasts’ movie set, we watched a scene being shot in which Credence was locked inside a cage at a dock. The wizard caught the attention of Skender, the Circus Arcanus’s owner, who, after a brief talk with the boy, had him be released by a dock worker. His cage mates tried to escape along with him, but the worker stopped them. The boy was hesitant for a few seconds, shaken, before moving on.

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  • 3. Credence and the Obscurus

    On some trailers, a scene was featured in which Creedence released his Obscurus on the roof of the apartment he visits with Nagini to find Irma Dugard, the half-elf who worked for Leta Lestrange’s father and he thought was his mother. The scene shows the character’s development, who has complete control over his powers.

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Reproduction

    4. The drunken Bowtruckle

    In one of the deleted scenes, Newt would go to a wizard pub after turning down the job offer at the Ministry of Magic. Theseus would follow his brother to have a talk at the bar, while Pickett, the Magizoologist’s Bowtruckle, would get drunk on the wizard’s Butterbeer.

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Empire Magazine/Reproduction

    Source: Eddie Redmayne during an interview to the North-American website Collider.

    5. Dumbledore and the Mirror of Erised

    The British magazine Empire revealed a photo in which Dumbledore, with a messy hair and an angry face, stared at his reflexion on the Mirror of Erised, probably feeling guilty over the feelings he still had for Gellert Grindelwald. It wasn’t shown in the movie.

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Empire Magazine/Reproduction

    6. Leta Lestrange and the gala ball

    The first time Leta Lestrange appeared in promo material for the movie, she was at a gala party, watching a witch dance with other guests. It’s not possible to identify the context of the scene.

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Reproduction

    7. Dumbledore and the deluminator

    Also on the trailers, there was a scene in which Professor Dumbledore used his Deluminator in the streets of London. Judging by the setting, it belonged to the initial conversation between Newt and the professor.

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Reproduction

    8. Dumbledore in Hogwarts

    One of the trailers showed Dumbledore walking down the Hogwarts’ halls, but there’s no context as to where the scene belongs to in the movie.

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Reproduction

    9. Dumbledore’s Class

    The flashback from the class in which Newt and Leta learned the Riddikulus spell started before, as shown at the San Diego Comic-Con. At least one student had done the spell before Newt, which indicates the scene might have a different context.

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Reproduction

    10. Vinda Rosier

    Vinda Rosier did not do much in the movie besides being one of Grindelwald’s followers. In this deleted scene, seen on one of the trailers, the character watches someone mysteriously. Maybe the villain will have some additional screen time on the extended version.

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Reproduction

    11. Yusuf Kama and the Lestrange

    In one of the trailers, there was a scene in which the French-American wizard, Yusuf Kama looks at the Lestrange’s family tree. Following that, there is a fast cut to Tina’s silhouette, who was probably entering and investigating the wizard’s hideaway in the Paris sewage system.

    Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Reproduction

    Translated into English by Dimitri Manaroulas
    Edited by Aline Michel